Amazon Prime Air – 30min from click to delivery

Prime Air

Prime Air is an interesting concept for a new delivery system that the Amazon R&D Team has been working on.

The goal of this new delivery system is to get packages into customers’ hands in 30 minutes or less using unmanned aerial vehicles.

Putting Prime Air into commercial is likely to take some number of years as Amazon advance the technology and wait for the necessary FAA rules and regulations.

An Interesting concept that probably needs a lot of fine turning but that might serve some types of deliveries in certain urban locations, better and faster in the future. Houses in the countryside could for example see their Amazon or other orders be dropped off on to their front lawn by the mini-drone.

According to Mr Bezos’s interview on CBS this morning  the mini-drones would be able to carry goods up to five pounds (2.25kg) in weight which covers 86% of all the items the company delivers in total.

The octocopters would use GPS tracking to find their way to and from an address

The biggest challenge is considered to be to getting approval from the US Federal Aviation Authority.

Check out this footage from a recent test flight.


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